Seven Unexpectedly Delightful Food Pairings You Need to Try

Some food combinations, like peanut butter and jelly or bacon and eggs, naturally go together. Other combinations came about more by accident when someone tried them and discovered a delicious duo.

However, not everyone has a naturally adventurous spirit to attempt pairing two previously separate foods together. The list below offers several possibilities for food combinations that anyone can try. While these paired items might sound unappetizing at first, the willingness to try them once could just lead to some new food favorites.

Avocado and chocolate

Although chocolate is a sweet and tasty treat, it’s not exactly known for its smoothness. Avocado can change all that. It adds a silkiness that can bring a flavor infusion to such dishes as chocolate mousse prepared vegan style.

Peanut butter and mango

For those looking to add a little extra to their peanut butter and toast, mango just might do the trick. Cutting a whole mango into several slices and then placing them on top of a piece of toast releases sweetness and juiciness to counteract the nutty and salty flavor of the peanut butter. This food combination certainly could make breakfast more interesting.

Peking duck and caviar

Each of these dishes are special and extravagant on their own. Eating them together can truly be an indulgence. The crispy skin of the Peking duck blends well with the softness of caviar to create a taste sensation that people won’t soon forget.

Cheese and ramen

College kids might survive on ramen, but that doesn’t mean they have to settle for bland meals. Adding powdered cheese to ramen can also provide a nice alternative to macaroni and cheese, another staple of the college student.

Pickles and French fries

Pickles are known for their freshness and acidity as well as their intense flavor while people mostly think of French fries as something greasy. The great news about combining these two foods is that their dominant flavors balance each other out. Pickles and French fries are also easier to combine since many restaurants place a pickle on the plate when serving French fries with a main meal.

Fried chicken with champagne

Fried chicken can be a heavy meal that can make people feel full quickly. That’s why some prefer not to drink something as heavy as beer when eating fried chicken. Champagne fits the bills for a lighter drink that can also add a bit more sophistication to a meal people eat with their hands.

Bacon and banana

People sometimes feel guilty about eating bacon because it’s salty and fatty. Now they can put that guilt to rest by combining a banana, a known heathy food, with bacon for a highly unique taste experience. The sweetness and creaminess of the banana offsets the salt and fat in grease perfectly.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to food combinations. Even if none of these pairs sound appetizing or taste good, it only takes creativeness and willingness to come up with numerous other potential options.

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