Roger Wolfson – Reasons To Go Vegan

Veganism is bigger than it has ever been before and across the world there are people trying to make the change wherever they can. There are many in the entertainment industry who are also making these kinds of changes and that is incredibly inspirational for so many. TV writer and activist Roger Wolfson is a perfect example of this, a man who has made the change to a plant-based lifestyle and who often discusses it in interviews. This may sound like a big leap for many of you who have eaten meat all of your lives, but the truth is that going vegan carries with it so many benefits, and here is why it could work for you.

Incredible Options

Many years ago the options for vegans was incredibly sparse and this was certainly something which put a lot of people off making the change. In the modern age however, this simply isn’t the case and with some attention and some desire, you will find that you can eat delicious food without even missing meat. We have the best meat replacements that we have ever had, and with the exception of eggs, there really isn’t anything which you cannot replace with a plant-based option which tastes amazing.

Healthier Lifestyle

One of the reasons why so many are looking to go vegan is that they now understand what we know about how meat affects the body. This is not to say that a vegan lifestyle is instantly healthier, the reality is that you can still be unhealthy if you indulge too much. Eating a balanced diet with meat however, versus a balanced diet without meat, is never going be as good for your body. Thanks to a plant based diet you can reduce inflammation and improve your general health.

Meat Industry

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the mat industry is one of the worst on the planet, and it is actually killing our planet too. Owing to the demand for meat this is an industry which is razing forests to plant crops to feed animals, using up water resources and pumping out huge amounts of toxic and noxious chemicals. If we want to do something positive for the planet, then we have to reduce the amount of demand for meat products.

Starting Small

The beauty of this lifestyle change is that you don’t have to go all in from the outset. What many people are doing at the moment is going vegan for a day or more each and every week. If you do this then you can gradually change that to 3 or 4 days a week, and so on until you feel ready to take it on full time. The point here is that any movement away from eating meat will help.

There is an enormous range of options for you here, and you will find that not eating meat really isn’t the end of the world as so many believe.

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