The Problem of Accessibility – accessiBe

There are many things that the majority of people take for granted – stepping off the sidewalk to cross the street, reading a newspaper, running to catch a bus, cooking a meal, to name a few. For others, these tasks are a challenge and affect their daily life. As the world has moved online, this has had many benefits for disabled people. But even when going online, a disabled person can have a much different experience and face greater challenges than others. That is why companies, like accessiBe, are helping make websites more accessible for all.

Problems and solutions

What problems might a disabled person encounter online and what can help them? This very much depends on their disability. For example, a person with motor difficulties may require specialised equipment, such as a specialist mouse. Or they may need software for speech recognition. Others may be unable to use a mouse at all and require easy access from their keyboard. Whereas a person with visual impairment may need larger font, careful use of colours, and well placed indicators of important fields. They may need smaller pages, smaller paragraphs, and easy to understand language. As you can see, the needs can vary greatly and so can the solutions.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to making your website accessible. First of all, you may be breaking the law if your website isn’t meeting the necessary requirements. Secondly, an accessible website actually works better for everyone; it is quicker, and it is easier to use, so even those who don’t have accessibility needs will benefit. Yet another benefit is that accessible websites even show up higher in search engine rankings. And one last thing, of which you will be well aware, it is the right thing to do.


Even if we don’t have to daily deal with a disability ourselves, it is good to show consideration for those who do and play our part in making them able to do as much as they can independently and easily. This includes in less obvious ways, such as online. But as we can see, there are many benefits to your company by making your website accessible. So get started today to ensure your website is fully accessible. Use a company to do the work for you and enjoy quick results with little work on your part and the peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

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