Rose Burillo – Simple and Tasty Tacos To Try

When you are in Mexico you are greeted by an enormous range of taco fillings depending on what you like. For those who have not sampled this kind of cuisine before however, it is best to try and keep things simple. When my British friends and family come to see me, I am very well aware of the fact that they haven’t had this kind of food before, so throwing them in at the deep end never really seems to be a great idea. This is why I will always aim to give them simple yet delicious choices, and these are the usual go-tos which I will choose.


Suadero tacos are made using very fine cuts of prime beef and the result is a soft and supple meat which is ideal for tacos. The taste is very much a standard beef flavor, and they are the perfect introduction for anyone who is yet to really scratch the surface on eating tacos. The beef options can be fatty and grisly, yet these are soft and tasty, a good place to start.

Tacos al Pastor

As you go through Mexico City you are going to see many of these long kebab-like meats on spits being cooked, this is called pastor. This originally came too Mexico from settlers from the middle east, and that is why it looks like a kebab and is cooked in this way. Usually this is made with pork meat, that has been heavily marinated and then placed on a spike. The meat is cooked slowly throughout the day and then carved off when someone places their order. Added to this meat is a slice of pineapple, which really adds a nice sweetness to offset the mild spice of the meat. Not only is this one of the most delicious tacos, but it is also one of the cheapest that you will find anywhere in the city.

Fish Tacos

I am not a great lover of seafood and so I used to avoid it in tacos, that was until my friend Rose Burillo took me to try some white fish tacos, which were absolutely delicious. These tacos are usually made with tilapia or marlin and they really are absolutely delicious. The fish taste is mild and the texture just works perfectly in the taco, this is definitely a favorite of mine.

Tongue Tacos

If you do have someone who is looking to try something a little different, ox tongue is a great place to start. This is a taco which is slightly different to normal, but which is not exactly out there with regards to being exotic. The one thing to mention when you order a tongue taco however is that it should be eaten as soon as it comes off the hotplate. If you leave it then you will end up with a tough meat that isn’t great, and this will turn people off.

These are some great places to start for those who are not quite ready for the full range of Mexican delights.

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