Apria Healthcare Reviews – Gadgets For Your Home To Help With Mobility

If you have mobility issues then one of the first things that you need to do is look into the amazing range of gadgets which you can get that will improve your life. There are companies out there like Apria which provide a huge range of these tools and you only have to look at the Apria Healthcare reviews to get a full idea of exactly how they can change your life.

No matter what your limitations are, there are product which you can buy and changes which you can make that will seriously improve things, and these are just some of the ideas that you could consider.

Bathroom Essentials

Much of the mental languid which comes with mobility issues is that we lose our sense of independence, this happens when we have basic tasks taken away from us. For this reason we are starting in the bathroom, a place where you should be able to look after yourself, but where mobility can limit things for you. To start with you can get a raised toilet seat which makes getting up and down much easier and less stressful. Secondly you could look at getting a walk-in bath or a shower room, which means you won’t have to climb over anything dangerous to wash yourself. These are simple solutions which will change your life.


Sometimes we just need that little bit of extra support in the home and that is just what you will get if you install handrails at waist height, throughout the property. This will mean that no matter where you are, there will be something to grab a hold of in case you feel as though you may fall.


One of the lowest cost items which you can buy, yet one which will make an enormous difference to your life, is a plastic grabber. These things are like litter pickers and they can be used for so much at home. For example you can use this to pick up items you’ve dropped, you could us it to grab the remote after you have sat down, and even to close the curtains. There is no end to the potential which this little grabber has, and it is worth keeping on you at all times.


The purpose of these gadgets is not only to help make your life easier but also to keep you safe. Now one of the most dangerous things in the house is going up and down the stairs which is why a stairlift could certainly be the best choice here. These aren’t cheap but you may find that there are some grants which you can take advantage of which will help you to get a motorized lift into the home, so that you won’t be at risk of falling when you are using the lift to go up and down the stairs.

These are some of the best gadgets to help you in the home with mobility issues.

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