Cletus Geroges MD – Tips on Improving Your Mental Wellbeing

Over the last 12 months there is no doubt that for so many of us, our mental wellbeing has taken quite the hit. We have been plunged into an odd situation which few of us were prepared for, and we have had many of our usual liberties taken away from us. As the fog begins to clear however it is more important than ever before that we are now focusing on repairing the damage which has been done. Experts in mental health like Cletus Geroges MD have been speaking about this of late, and here is what you can do to improve your mental wellbeing following a tough year.

Reaching Out

One of theist ways to improve your mental wellbeing is still to speak to people openly and honestly about how you are feeling. One of the biggest dangers to our mental wellbeing is that we keep things locked up, that we push feelings aside and that we never really address them. If you do this then those emotions do not simply go away, they are there, pushed down deep and they will manifest in different ways. For this reason we have to find friends or family members who we can confide in about how we are feeling.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is not only a great way of making sure that you stay in shape, it is also a great way for you to ensure that you improve your mental wellbeing. When we exercise we not only feel good about ourselves, but we are also able to encourage the production of endorphins, which are feel good chemicals that pump around our body. This is no cure to anxiety or stress but it can certainly help you out in a lot of ways regarding your mental wellbeing.


So many people underestimate the power of meditation and what it can do for the body and mind. All you need to do is take 15 minutes per day, no more than that. Find yourself a quiet space, sit comfortably and take deep breaths. Try to forget about anything else and just focus on how your body moves whilst you are taking those deep breaths. This may take some practice but soon you will begin to drift off and this is the perfect way for you to clear and organize your mind.

Healthy Habits

Eating bad food, indulging in excess and having vices in your life are not going to help you at all with your desire to improve your mental wellbeing. The reality is that we have to live well in order to have a healthy mind. Many of these things will help you in the short term, but in the long term they will leave you feeling worse than before, and that is not what we are looking for at all.

Make sure that above all, you are aware of your mental wellbeing and that you are actively seeking to improve it.

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