Are Dietary Supplements Good For Your Health?

With today’s fast paced world, it can be hard to get the proper nutrition we need. In order to fill these nutritional gaps in our diet, many people have started to turn to the help of dietary supplements. But, more and more, doctors are finding that these pills are not all they claim to be. Websites like Customer Review help to see which supplements actually live up to their declarations. But, aside from these, there are many hidden facts about these pills that most people do not know. How can you know if your chosen supplement contains the nutrients it claims on the label? There are a few tips and tricks to be aware of so you don’t get duped.

Know the Laws

Surprisingly, up until 2007, there were absolutely no regulations for dietary supplements. Companies could put anything into their capsules, with no repercussions. Even with Congress passing a bill in the 1990’s stating something needed to be done about this issue, it still took the FDA more than 10 years to actually pass real regulations. Even so, these new regulations don’t even comment on what ingredients can go into them, but rather that the manufacturers have to list every ingredient on their label. With such lax rules, some supplements may contain ingredients that could cause more harm than good. By following these two simple guidelines, you are more likely to pick a supplement that will aid you in your search for a healthier lifestyle.

Do Your Homework

When looking through the hundreds of brands of supplements, it is important to know what to look for. Certain labels will carry seals of approval from various organizations, aside from the FDA. These independent companies hold higher standards to help weed out the fake pills. Knowing exactly which types of supplements you need is also important. For instance, some vitamins, like Vitamin C could cause health problems if you ingest too much of it. By figuring out how much of each vitamin or mineral is already in your diet could help you figure out what nutrients your body is lacking. Don’t fall for trends, just because you heard a TV doctor advertise it or a friend told you it’s a miracle pill. While some supplements may work for some people, they could wreak havoc for others.

Consult With a Doctor

If you are still confused, the best course of action is to speak with a trusted healthcare physician. Only you and your doctor truly know the total overview of your health and lifestyle. Therefore, before adding a new supplement to your daily routine, speaking with your doctor could help clear up any misconceptions about certain vitamins or minerals, or whether your body is actually in need of these additional nutrients. Doctors will also be able to better recommend brands they know to be safe and contain the correct ingredients and dosages. Especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition, or are already taking other medications or supplements, a doctor could help you to understand how some of the ingredients in the various supplements could interact with your other pills.


While dietary supplements have been given a great rap in recent media, it is important to know exactly what you are putting into your body. Even though all of these supplements are advertised to aid in a healthy lifestyle, there are many fakes out there to be aware of. With extremely lax regulations from the FDA that took nearly 15 years to put into place, there is still no one watching out for what these companies are adding to their pills. Until the FDA decides to take a stand and improve their rules, you should always check for independent certifications or seals on a product. By finding out what your body truly needs and staying away from media trends, you will better be able to sort the good supplements from the bad. Checking in with your doctor can also be a great way to know what nutrients your body is lacking, and if you need to add something to your daily regimen. By following these few tips, you can add dietary supplements to your diet in a healthy way.

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