How To Manage Work Stress

Stressful work periods are unavoidable, and although they can be managed short term, if measures are not taken to manage stress long-term, it can lead to burnout or fatigue. 

Even though you love what you do, you must strike a balance between work and your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Research has shown repeatedly that happy workers are more productive. So, take breaks from work to build your relationship with family and friends or take on activities you enjoy so that you can maintain the quality of life that that serves you and your employer better.  

Helpful Strategies For A More Balanced Life 


Learn To Say No 

Individuals can be busy for various reasons; however, some people find themselves busy all the time because they have trouble saying no to demands on their time. It is okay to work overtime when there is a lot of work for you to do. What is, however, not okay is working all the time over time. The more work you take on, the less productive you become. In fact, by the time you have completed 56 hours in your workweek, productivity rapidly declines 

Create Time To Exercise 

Exercise is one of the first things that gets relegated to the background when work gets crazy, but this shouldn’t be. Exercising offers many stress-reducing benefits, which is why it is important to still maintain a regular exercise routine even when it is a demanding time. Physical activity has been proven to reduce stress and can help keep you sane during stressful situations. 

Find Some Quick Stress Relievers 

A busy schedule may prevent you from being able to do what relaxes you the most when you feel overwhelmed by stress during the day. However, there are a couple of methods that can quickly make you feel better without taking up too much time. For example, practising breathing exercises to help turn off your body stress reactors, so you can quickly recharge and get back to work. Also, make sure to schedule regular checkup time with your doctor. 

Communicate With Your Boss 

If you decide to take on additional responsibilities and extra work as a challenge and an avenue to expand your skill sets, communicating which your boss about expectations regarding deadlines and the duration of the project is important. This way, you are both aware of how much time needs to be dedicated to the work and any potential issues that may arise. 


Tasks that you normally would enjoy can quickly become unpleasant experiences if you do them while feeling anxious or stressed. That is why it is important to the compartmentalised task and tackle them based on the order of priority. 

Make Your Life Simple 

Give yourself time to focus on work by simplifying the other aspect of your life. Here are some things that you can do: 

  • Limit screen time. 
  • Outsource everyday tasks like housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping (if you can afford to).
  • Put leisure commitments on hold and get someone else to cover your pressing personal task during demanding times; this could include religious or community commitments.
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