David Cates – What Benefits Do Unions Offer?

Regardless of what industry you are working in, if you have access to a union then it is always a smart idea for you to join up. All this will cost you is a very small contribution each month, usually around the same price as a cup of coffee. Despite this, and despite the overwhelming benefits which a union can offer, there are still many who are yet to join such an organization. Even employment law specialists such as David Cates often speak out about the importance of joining a union, and describe the benefits of what doing so can bring.

If you have not considered this before, here are just some of the benefits which you can rely on when you join your union.

Legal Protection

Unions are huge organizations and within their ranks they have a number of high quality employment lawyers who are there for your protection. This means that any legal issues which you run into in the workplace can be swiftly dealt with. Whether you need help and support after an accident at work, because of a conflict at work or even something like unlawful dismissal, you can count on the highest level of support from your union.

Increased Pay and Benefits

It is usually down to the unions to discuss with the employer about fair pay and better benefits. This again is why they need as much support as possible, so that they can continue to fight the good fight for their members. When you see an increase in pay or holiday time, or improved maternity benefits, these are always done because of the pressure which the union is able to put on the employers. If there was no union, increasing pay and benefits would be something which is very hard to achieve.

Fair Treatment in The Workplace

If you want to make sure that you are treated fairly at work then joining a union is a surefire way to do just that. The reality is that many employers may work with unions, but they are equally sacred of them. This is why so many reports find that those who are treated unfairly at work, are usually not unionized. No employer wants to catch heat with the union, and as such they treat the members far more fairly than those who are not unionized.


No matter what issue you may have in the workplace, you will always have an ear to talk to when you are in the union. The members of the union can give you all kinds of help and support, and many even extend that to issues outside of the workplace. The commitment of the union is to ensure that you are as happy and healthy as you can be, and this is why they are able to offer you so much support and help.

If you have the chance to join a union in your industry, then this is certainly something which you should be looking to do.

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