Choosing Blinds for a Kid’s Bedroom – What You Need to Know

Window treatments are an important part of the décor in a kid’s bedroom. If you don’t hang curtains or a blind in your child’s window, he will be woken up by the sun early each morning, which won’t help you enjoy a lie-in at the weekend!

Blinds are a great way to enhance a bedroom, as well as playing a role in blocking the light. Read on for a quick guide to choosing the right blinds. 

Different Styles of Blind

There are several different styles of blind to choose from:

  • Roller blinds are a cheap and cheerful option for a child’s room. If the window is a standard size, you should have no problem finding a blind to fit, and even if it’s not quite the right size, roller blinds can be cut down to fit the window. 
  • Roman blinds can also be used in a child’s room. Roman blinds are available in off-the-peg sizes, but if you want a particular fabric to match the décor, they can be made to measure. Roman blinds are suitable for fitting in the window recess or over the window opening. If you order made to measure blinds, make sure you measure the window recess carefully, as any mistakes will be on you, not the blind company.
  • Vertical blinds are an option, but they are not ideal for a younger child’s bedroom, as the plastic connectors tend to snap very easily. 

Blind Safety

30 kids have died in the last 15 years, after becoming caught up in dangling blind cords. Only recently a three-year-old boy died when he became tangled up in a window blind cord; his mother had left him alone for no more than a few minutes. 

Blind manufacturers now provide cleats for blind cords, so they are not left dangling. When you fit a blind, ensure the dangling cord is secured by a child safety device fixed to an adjoining surface. Loose cords should be tied in a figure of eight pattern and furniture moved away from the window, so a child is not tempted to climb onto the windowsill. 

Blackout Material

It is worth paying extra for blackout blinds in a child’s bedroom. In the summer, when it doesn’t get late until 10pm, it’s hard to persuade a small child to go to bed. Blackout blinds create instant darkness, which induces sleep. They also keep out the early morning sun, which might afford you a bit extra sleep. 

Patterns and Colours

There are some gorgeous patterns available for kid’s blinds. You’ll have even more choice if you opt for a made to measure blind. However, bear in mind that if you choose a nursery pattern, the blind will need to be replaced when the child gets a bit older – most 7-10-year-olds don’t want cute yellow ducks on their window blinds!

You can find a range of different blinds in many colours from a retailer like Hillarys.

Plain coloured blinds are best, as they easily mix and match with different decorative schemes. For example, a navy blue blind will look great with yellow walls in a toddler’s room, but will also match grey walls or even cream walls if you decide to turn the room into a guest bedroom at some point.

Fit a quality new blind in your child’s room and it should last him for many years.

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