Brian Ferdinand: Corporate Housing Or Airbnb?

When you travel, you may understandably feel that your mind is going a million miles a minute with all of the planning involved. One thing that shouldn’t take up too much of your time, though, is where to book your accommodation, according to a recently published article. That’s because for people who will be traveling for weeks at a time, staying in a corporate housing unit versus other types of housing (even an Airbnb home) is a no-brainer, according to travel and business expert Brian Ferdinand in the article.

Why Airbnb Over Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing firms specialize in providing customer-focused and tailored experiences. This is in sharp contrast with Airbnb. Why? Because Airbnb is merely an accommodation platform that depends on self-service.

The problem with Airbnb, according to Brian Ferdinand, is that it poses many risks and uncertainties for people who are traveling for business or personal reasons. These rental risks outweigh the benefits that come with this type of accommodation. In addition, legal and regulatory concerns exist with Airbnb rentals, as many locales restrict short-term rental options—or those offering accommodation for fewer than 30 days.

Benefits Of Corporate Housing For Today’s Travelers

With a reputable corporate housing firm, you’ll generally know what you’re getting into. That’s because the best corporate housing firms offer plenty of room and all of the high-quality amenities they need to have a good quality of life while they are away from home.

You may need to stay in a corporate housing unit in another city for several weeks if you run your own business and need to host meetings with new or existing clients there. Likewise, your employer may require you to go on an assignment in another locale for an extended period of time, thus requiring you to book a corporate housing unit.

However, relocating employees may also take advantage of corporate housing if they would like to try out neighborhoods, sell their old houses, or find new homes. With this type of housing, they won’t feel the pressure to rent or buy new homes right away. And in the event that their new cities or positions end up not being the greatest fit, they don’t have to worry about breaking their leases.

All in all, no matter what your reason for traveling may be, corporate housing can meet your unique needs as you travel in the weeks and months ahead.

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