Brian Cumby – What Are The Benefits of Custom Built Homes?

We are seeing more and more people looking at custom building their next properties, something which has never really been as widespread as it is now. This is for a number of reasons, principally that the costs associated with build designing your own property are lower than ever before. There are many more reasons behind this as well, another important one being that many of the housing developments that we are seeing offer up bland and specially challenged properties which are designed to build and sold with speed.

To understand what the benefits of a custom built property can be, we had a lengthy chat with industry expert Brian Cumby, and here were the key points that we took from that exchange. 


Of course the most compelling reason as to why you should look to design your own home is that you will be the person who gets to choose the layout and the design features. This is yet another reason why this has grown in popularity because more and more people are looking for more eco-friendly properties, and owing to a shortage they are looking at designing their own. This level of autonomy is well worth the extra investment of custom designing the property 

Resale Value 

Something which there is no question about is the fact that custom built properties appreciate at a faster rate than the rest of the market. Many believe that because of the personalization and the fact that the design is individual to you, that there will somehow be less interest. The realty is however that people find individually styled home far more attractive than a stock property. 

Decision Making 

During any build there will be snags and issues to content with and when that is your own property you will be the one who gets to make the decisions regarding any changes or adjustments that need to be made. There is a very real pride in moving into a property which has your own stamp of approval on it and this is yet another huge benefit of designing your own property. 

Lowering Costs 

There is a general consensus that a custom built property is going to set you back more than one which is pre-built and to an extent this is true. With this being said however, what you can do when you are part of the process is to take cost-saving decisions which will help your budget to last further. For example it may be that you change the type of wood being used for the floors or the roof layout in order to come in under cost. Because you are actively part of this project you too can have a say in how that money is spent. 

Ultimately the thing that people most like about designing their own homes is the involvement in the construction of their very own property. Living in a space which you have been a key part of designing is a truly wonderful feeling indeed.

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