Rose Burillo – Why people love Condesa in Mexico City

Condesa is a popular area located  in the Cuauhtemoc Borough of Mexico City, about 5 km from the Central downtown district of the Zocalo. Curiously it is considered a central hub of a city and services, supported by the also very popular area, Roma. Often they are mentioned together as Condesa-Roma and offer the tourist and resident alike a fantastic space to occupy.
Here are the reasons why.


It was Rose Burillo, my travel friend extraordinaire and highly observant fellow blogger that noted the lush street of Amsterdam was once a racing track. Similar to London’s Notting Hill, this tree lined circuit is the central feature of the district and sets the pace of the area.
Worth a Sunday jaunt and taking in a coffee as a pit stop. Careful of the joggers and curious dogs with their leads.

Tree lined roads 

Condesa is considered the lungs of the city. With every street being tree lined, entering the space can seem like visiting a forest with buildings in it.
Considering the extent of traffic from buses, cars and motorbikes, Condesa lends itself to a slower pace, encouraging cycle rentals and scooters, the scene makes for an idyllic one.
Grab a bike, take a slow cycle along Campeche avenue and breathe in the clean air generated by the trees.

City planning 

Considering that most urban planning consists of intersecting grids, forming from main road arteries to quieter road veins, Condesa provides a refreshing change to spatial urban  landscaping.
As previously mentioned, the main street, Amsterdam, was once a horse track and provides a convenient loop of the bars and shops and homes. Breaking up the monotony of usual city streets, it’s a surprising treat to be able to lose yourself in the tree lined district and yet still find yourself.

Amazing restaurants 

On these roads are some of the most popular and impressive restaurants that DF an offer. Restaurant Azul offered authentic Mexican cusines of prestige and quality yet affordable. Rojo Bistrot is a French Bistro, which is fantastic since Mexican food culture is highly celebrated and ubiquitous in the city. La Bodega offers almost everything Latin American food has in its arsenal whilst providing a backing live band of Cuban salsa and jazz. 


The extreme abundance of bars and pubs in this vicinity certainly makes Condesa the fun zone of Mexico City. Mariscal and MR Condesa offer vibes over affordable artisanal beers and fresh seafood whilst Celtics Irish bar provides massive screens for sports coverage and table top dancing.
The most luxurious of them all can be found in the wedged location of the grand hotel ‘Condesa DF’ where celebrity tourists always stay. The bar is located on the rood and affords tree topped views of the entire city.

Condesa is the perfect place for leisurely food and drink occasions, but perhaps the most common aspect of all is the people watching that ensues between sips of coffee and bites of food. Whatever you plan to do, making a trip to Condesa your weekly fixture can only be a good thing. 

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