Jessica Leonard – Bare Essentials For a Keto Diet

I have tried just about every diet under the sun in my quest to lose weight and I was all for giving up until my very good friend, and super slim friend I may add, Jessica Leonard  recommended the keto diet to me. This is basically a low carb diet where you restrict your carb intake to 20g or less, which means that the proteins and the fats in your body synthesize to produce the energy which you need to get through the day. Usually this energy would come from carbs which are broken down as sugars, but in ketosis mode your body can do this with fats and proteins, and the weight loss is very impressive. Jessica recommended that I do this for a month and then slowly reintroduce carbs back into my diet and live a normal healthy lifestyle in order to keep the weight off, and it has all worked just as she said. 

Doing without bread, pasta and rice can be tough but there are some essential foods which you can get that will help you throughout this diet. 

Almond Flour 

Almonds ate naturally low in carbs and high in healthy fats and essential oils, and almond flour is super flexible and can be sued to create keto breads, coatings for chicken and fish and all kinds of clever meals which people far smarter than I have managed to create. 


When mozzarella melts it creates a sort of doughy consistency which can form the perfect replacement for bread and pizza dough. You can mix mozzarella with almond flour and replace a huge array of carby items. 


Cauliflower has been really underrated for a long period of time but now that so many people are looking at doing a keto diet it has really come into its own. Grated and fried this can become a perfect rice substitute and it really tastes great with soy sauce in a stir fry. People have also been making caulk steaks and even wings which act as a greta replacement for the breaded chicken variety. 

Coconut Oil 

This is the best oil for cooking, high in sat fats and low in additives not to mention the many benefits that this delicious oil can bring you in terms of your essential oils and vitamins, a must buy. 


It is important that you focus on getting healthy fats more than any other and that is why the green beauty of the avocado comes in. High in healthy fats, essential vitamins and potassium, not to mention the fact that they are absolutely delicious. Avocados are high in carbs but these are dietary fiber which are distracted from your daily consumption. 


Nuts are low in carbs, high in healthy fats and absolutely packed with nutrients and vitamins. Make sure that you have plenty of these on hand for when you are feeling peckish and you need a snack. 

These are the bare essentials you’ll need for a keto diet.

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